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About Us

The story starts when a young Amazon lawyer Veronica and an experienced Amazon seller Evgeniy saw a business opportunity. There was a demand for quality service of resolving Amazon sellers’ issues on the platform, but nobody offered it. Veronica and Evgeniy’s knowledge of the law on one side and selling on Amazon on the other created something nobody has ever done before: a law firm oriented on resolving Amazon seller issues with in-depth knowledge of all the Amazon inner processes. Solver.

Through the years, Solver expanded and proved themselves as a reliable service provider. Many Amazon sellers now go to the Solver team for advice, consultation, or any other help regarding Amazon and its policies. We’ve established a superb reputation for always doing our best for our clients, care, and make a difference.

Veronika Nolan
Co-Founder & Lead Attorney, Solver

Success Rate
Millions dollars returned to our clients

Trusted By Clients

I am very pleased with the work, everything that we started was successful. Pluses: 1. Lawyers write high-quality appeals. 2. The fact that you call. Minuses: do not work on weekends. What could be done better: work 24/7

Nikolay Chernetsky
Amazon Seller - 25 Dec, 2020

Pluses in work: one of the first ones who answered me, active work, there was no need to text first and remind. Minuses: usually had to remind that we were working with a British account because the links for calls were sent as for the United States. 

Andrew Kushnir
Amazon Seller - 15 Dec, 2021

Absolutely satisfied with the work done. Always in touch, received answers to all my questions, well-written texts of appeals to the support

Alexander Maximov
Amazon Seller - 24 Dec, 2021

It is such a pleasure to work with professionals Thank you for the Dropshiping policy appeal. Total time from my inquiry to the successful finish: 19 hours.

Amazon Seller – 24.03.2022

I am writing, Yulia, to thank you for approaching the matter very professionally. We had a difficult situation since the copyright holder did not get in touch. They could not unblock the account for almost two years, but your team succeeded. Solver, you are fantastic.

Dan Varakuta
Amazon Seller - 17.04.2022

Guys, it's excellent how you work! I am no longer the youngest seller on Amazon, and this ban-unban, and unfortunately, is also not my first. But how you have grown and how you have worked now is excellent. And the level at which I want to continue working with you.

Serge Di
Amazon Seller - 30.05.2022

Fast, high quality, always in touch, correct, polite, and professional. The highest score for you as a specialist and as a pleasant companion. Thank you very much.

Julia Sun
Amazon Seller - 30.01.2022

The account has been banned since August 2021, and we made it a success (I no longer believe), and most importantly, with high quality and reasonable price. I don't recommend others besides Solver. You are the best.

Jax Leblanc
Amazon Seller - 15.12.2021

I want to thank you for your professional qualities and patience with late calls for your employees. It is always a pleasure to work with those who are result oriented.

Eugene Bass
Amazon Seller - 02.04.2022

Finally, the first account was unbanned by Related, and everyone refused to take it on. Thanks to the Solver team, it took about three months. I didn't even hope. And the result is a success.

Max Gebe
Amazom Seller - 13.02.2022

Expensive, but the team works out everything 100%, permanently in touch, constant appeal, and communication with support. I am delighted with the work and the result.

Vlad Harabet
Amazon Seller - 04.07.2022